• Log in to Uphold Account


    Can’t log in to your Uphold account? Don’t worry — Our team compiled our most frequently asked questions by members when having issues
    accessing/logging into their accounts below:


    Are You Verified? Key benefits of Verifying Your Uphold Account:


    The most common issue regarding locked accounts revolves around the verification process. Non-verified
    members are limited to a cumulative transaction value of $1,000 will
    need to verify their account in order to continue to make transactions.

    Verification allows:

    • Increased transactional amounts
    • Add or withdraw funds to/from Uphold using a bank transfer, debit/credit card
    • Access to 30+ supported fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, and commodities


    I’m unable to log in to my Uphold account and I am a non-verified member—what should I do?


    You will need to verify your account with Uphold to continue using our service. Uphold requires verification
    to protect the security of everyone using our service. Getting verified
    is easy! You can start the verification process by going to your account dashboard and clicking on “Become A Verified Member.”

    Uphold requires a valid government issued ID in the form of a passport, national ID card, or driver’s
    license. You need to submit a ‘selfie’ picture of yourself holding your
    ID where both your face and the ID is visible. In addition, U.S. members
    will need to provide their social security or TAX ID number. Once
    you’ve entered the required information, please allow 24 hours for your
    account to be verified.


    Locked Out: Troubleshooting for Verified Members

    I’m having issues logging in with the Authy app.


    If you have verified your account, but you are having issues logging in with the two-factor authentication code from the Authy app, make sure you are using the same phone number
    that is associated with your Uphold account. If you are still
    experiencing issues, contact our support team for assistance in
    resolving this matter by selecting “my verification code is not working”
    from the drop-down menu in our contact form.


    My account says Uphold staff is currently reviewing my account verification request. What does this mean?

    Verification is usually completed in a few minutes, but occasionally this process can run into issues that
    require additional verification steps or more information about you.
    Your account may be blocked temporarily while we work to resolve this


    I’ve provided all my verification information and my account is still locked.

    It’s sometimes necessary to lock accounts while issues are investigated. It is Uphold’s policy to only
    allow one account per user as per our Membership Agreement, which every user must agree to before using our service. Users found
    violating this policy by creating multiple accounts may be unable to use
    Uphold’s services.


    I added a new form of payment and my account was blocked.

    If a payment method is added to an account and is then rejected by your bank, additional review measures
    may be required to ensure your account has not been compromised. Bank
    anti-fraud measures may flag transactions as unusual. In this case,
    please contact your bank and confirm the legitimacy of the transaction.


    Contacting Support

    If none of the questions above help you answer why you are having issues accessing your account or your
    account has been blocked, contact our support team to address and
    resolve the issue as quickly as possible. If you have a specific
    question regarding our services, such as compliance-related questions or
    a suggestion for us, please complete our contact form to route your inquiry properly.